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"Always Young, Always Wild"


    Nature Boy Lacrosse was born as a passion of two lifelong friends and former lacrosse bros, Nick C. and Nick T. They grew up on the hot bed of lacrosse, Long Island, N.Y. and played both in high school and collegiately.

    In 2014, while re-stringing some other wood mini-sticks for a couple of young players at a tournament, they both came to the conclusion that they could create a wood mini-stick company right here on Long Island. Through trial and error they were able to get the company off the ground officially in 2015 and slowly gain a following. They began offering there own mini sticks with a pita pocket with 4 geniune leathers and heat treated wood shafts. 

    With the demand for a better mini-stick came the demand for a better mini dpole. Originally they released a slightly longer shaft but quickly learned that if they wanted to grab everyones attention they would have to go big or go home. That is when they released the best and truest mini dpole on the market.

    Nature Boy Lacrosses' only goal is to provide a superior mini-stick and mini dpole with whatever your imagination can make up. If you can think of it, they can make it. The boys take pride in making the craziest and best minis on the market and that comes through in every stick they produce.

Each stick is hand crafted here on Long Island, New York. We take pride in our stringing and are always looking for new and innovative ways to improve our sticks.
All of our wood is hand selected to ensure the best goes into our shafts. We stand behind our wood.

We inspect every stick to ensure that they are crafted with the finest quality possible. 

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